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The Double Win Vision: Win At Work and Succeed at Life

Full Focus is committed to a single mission: We make it nearly impossible for people not to get the Double Win. But what is the Double Win? Why is it so important? And how do you get there? They’re questions that can lead us into a brighter future.

The Hustle Fallacy and The Ambition Brake

The Hustle Fallacy is the belief that success requires working harder and longer than anyone else. It emerges in assumptions like, “I should be able to get twice as much work done in 80 hours as I can in 40 hours,” or “I should be the first to arrive and the last to leave.”

The Hustle Fallacy works—until it doesn’t. You might rapidly ascend through the ranks or experience a series of satisfying wins. But it’s like trying to sprint a marathon. Burnout is inevitable. Our relationships and well-being suffer. And, eventually, so does our performance: creativity, decision-making, and leadership are all impaired by exhaustion.

Some people try to avoid falling prey to the Hustle Fallacy at all costs. They’re unwilling to sacrifice their personal priorities in the name of work. So they play it safe. They pass up opportunities and hobble their vocational potential to protect what matters most to them. In the process, they undermine their contribution to the world. They hit the Ambition Brake.

People who fall prey to the Hustle Fallacy and Ambition Brake fall on two sides of the same coin. They’re both bought the same lie. They believe they have to choose: work or life. But you can win at work and succeed at life. It’s what we call the Double Win.

Win at Work and Succeed at Life

What does it mean to “win at work”? Simply put, it’s delivering results. It’s leveraging your unique constellation of skills, passions, experiences, and expertise to make your highest possible contribution.

“Succeeding at life,” on the other hand, is tending to your personal priorities. We recommend paying attention to all your life domains. We split these into circles. Your circle of being includes your body, mind, and spirit. Your circle of relating includes your family, community, and love—by which we mean romance. Your circle of doing includes money, hobbies, and work.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to prioritize all nine life domains simultaneously. You’ll devote more of your time to specific domains in certain seasons. But keeping all nine in mind will help you live a more integrated, balanced life, encouraging health across all domains.

What life domains should you focus on? Start by taking our proprietary LifeScore Assessment. This assessment will identify where you’re thriving and where you might need to pay closer attention. You don’t have to focus solely on the domains with the lowest scores. But these are important to address.

Doing Less, Better

Is the Double Win a promise that you can have it all? Well, no—and yes.

No, you can’t have everything you might want. You don’t have infinite time or energy. You have real constraints you must live within.

But yes, you can live a well-rounded life. You can deliver top-notch results at work without sacrificing your relationships or well-being. The key? Those very constraints you might believe are holding you back.

Productivity isn’t getting everything done. It’s getting the right things done. That idea applies at work and home. Constraints force you to prioritize and strategize. For example, constraining your workday causes you to evaluate which meetings and tasks aren’t worth your time and effort. By eliminating, automating, or delegating these, you can devote more time and energy to your highest-leverage work.

Similarly, you might not be able to be someone else’s idea of the ideal parent, spend three hours in the gym each day, or spend your money in the same way your peers do. But you can discern your specific non-negotiables in parenting, health, and finances and alter your behavior accordingly.

Simply put, you can clarify what matters most to you and align your resources to achieve those ends. You can make a plan and act on it. You can do less, better.

The Double Win doesn’t happen overnight. Creating real change takes time. But you can join thousands of others who have redefined success and gotten their lives back in the process.

Where do you begin? The answer will vary. For most people, taking the LifeScore Assessment and getting started with our Full Focus Planner is the next right step. Our Free To Focus book might be a better fit if you need specific help getting your workday in check.

That you begin is more important than where you begin. What’s your next right step?

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